Space and Time
  • How to Find a Wormhole
    How to Find a Wormhole
  • 2020_07_20_100577_1595220889._large
    Astrophysicists Fill In 11 Billion Years
  • Dark fluid
    Bizarre Dark Fluid with Negative Mass Could Dominate the Universe
  • Planets
    A Tail of Two Comets
  • cogwheels
    The Weird Force (Un)known as Dark Energy
  • butterfly
    The Multiple Dimensions of Time
  • life-support
    Mining the Universe
  • Ancient Mars
    Mega-tsunamis Flooded Martian Shorelines
  • Left
    Left-handed Molecules from Outer Space
  • india
    New Life for Shiva Hypothesis
  • venus
    Venus Could Have Blossomed Like Earth
  • AI robot
    What’s on an Alien Mind
  • waterbear
    Water Bears: Extremely Lovable Aliens
  • Dark matter
    The Emergence of Gravity and Dark Matter
  • Fermi Paradox
    The Fermi Paradox: Why No News Is Good News
  • fantasy
    The Quest for the Multiverse
  • quantum entanglement
    Quantum Entanglement and the Soul
  • Wormhole
    Fundamentally, the Universe Is Made of Information
  • Moon
    If We Had No Moon
  • Quantum
    Is the Universe Actually a Giant Quantum Computer?
  • Universe
    Did the Big Bang Really Happen?
Science and Philosophy
  • octopus
    Sleeping Octopuses Might Experience Fleeting Dreams
  • Electron_shell_084_Polonium.svg(3)
    Half-life of Ancient Element Finally Established
  • vitamin D
    Coronavirus: Should You Start Taking Vitamin D?
  • Schopenhauer
    The Mystery of Love – Arthur Schopenhauer
  • Sunset
    Understanding Autism: New Research Dispels Common Assumptions
  • yin yang
    Lao Tzu’s Tao Te Ching
  • quantum-computer-
    We’re Planning to Create a Quantum Computer that Acts Like a Brain
  • anatomical
    Is Consciousness a Product of the Non-Conscious Brain?
  • mobile-phone
    An Obsession with Taking Photos is Changing Our Memory
  • cash-register
    Money for Nothing, the Solution for Everything?
  • FMRIscan
    Let Free Will Be
  • raven
    Secret Life of Crows
  • swan-319379_960_720(1)
    What We’re Told About Addiction Is Wrong
  • AI
    Can We Build an Artificial Brain?
  • AI
    The Future of AI Predictions
  • mushroom(1)
    The Entropy of Consciousness
  • Consciousness
    Consciousness as a Filterproduct
  • Bala
    Balancing Your Empathy
  • Plants
    The Intelligence of Plants and Trees
  • Animal Vision
    Animal Vision
  • Emotion
    Artificial Emotion
  • Will
    Determinism, Responsibility and Free Will
  • Brain
    Free Will and the Triune Brain
  • Krishna
    The Baghavad Gita
  • artificial-intelligence
    Superintelligence: Danger to Humanity?
11.000 BC
  • Mastodon
    8 Mile Long Painting of Ice Age Animals Discovered in the Amazon
  • files
    The Evolution of Intelligence and Modern Culture
  • Dragons
    Are Dragons an Image of Comet Impacts?
  • Neanderthal
    Could Asperger’s Really Be a Legacy of the Neanderthals?
  • Chaos Monster and Sun God
    Planets, Gods and the Days of the Week
  • dna
    Nature vs. Nurture: Modern Science Is Rewriting It
  • Denisova cave
    Denisovans, Our Great Ancestors
  • dna
    Human Origins: Not That Simple
  • Yu
    China’s Great Flood
  • Nabta
    Nabta Playa: Ancient Astronomy in the Nubian Desert
  • sun
    Solar Storms in the Middle Ages
  • DNA
    The Oldest Human DNA Sequences
  • space(2)
    Could a Comet Have Caused the Great Flood?
  • Dryas
    The Younger Dryas: Extreme Climate Change Just 10.000 BC
  • India
    Genetics and the Origins of Ancient Indian Civilization
  • Panspermia
    Born in the Universe: The Panspermia Theory
  • Plato Atlantis
    Plato’s Story of Atlantis
  • Anubis
    The Story of the Sphinx
  • China, Egypt and Orion(1)
    China, Egypt and Orion